Self-made snood, not so warm

Die Bilder sind noch von vor dem Friseurbesuch. Den Snood/ Schlauchschal (wie auch immer die Dinger sich nennen) hab ich aus demselben Näh-Idioten-geeigneten Kunstpelz gemacht aus dem ich mir schon mal eine Weste gemacht habe.
These pictures are from before the new haircut. I made the snood from the same suitable-for-sewing-idiots-like-me fake fur I used for a vest before.
Mantel, Rock: Zara; Pullover, Strumpfhose: H+M; Tasche: Picard; Schuhe: Zanon+Zago; Shirt m. Zebramuster: Madonna


  1. What an amazing snood, but I'm sorry to hear that it's not warm enough for you, perhaps you can wear it for layering :)


  2. great outfit!
    i love the snood, look so pretty although it's not warm enough.


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