(A different kind of) Flower Girl

Aren't these pictures just breathtaking? Find more photos from this photoshoot on Fashion Gone Rouge.
Also I have a question for my lovely readers, especially those of you whose mother tongue is English: Is my English bad? Somebody on a different blog seemed to hint at this. I'm asking because a) I would like some feedback on wether my English blog entries are intelligible, and b) my good English has always been one of the few things I'm proud of.
EDIT: I think I overreacted a little here.


  1. Truly amazing and honestly I don't find your English bad at all, on the contrary, I think you are excellent in it!!! don't put too much thought on it baby, you are wonderful!!! Enjoy your weekend sweetie pie, XOXO, Jemina

  2. Hi T.!

    I never said that your English is bad, only that it is not perfect ; ). I have lived in the UK for about 6 1/2 years now and therefore I am quite a harsh critic (and not even my English is perfect although I do have an English degree). Just thought your comment was quite mean and a bit snotty that's why I brought it up : )


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