The print dress

First of all: Hello to my two newest followers! (I would put a waving smiley here, if I knew how)

Dies Kleid hab ich letztes Jahr in diesem Designer-Second-Hand-wie-auch-immer-man-das-nennt-Laden in Paris gekauft. Besonders toll finde ich natürlich das Muster und die weite, aber nicht völlig sackartige Form.

I bought this dress at a designer-outlet-second-hand-whatever-it's-called shop in Paris last year. Love the print and how it is wide and comfy, but not a total sack.

Kleid: Lupatelli; Leggings: Karstadt; Schuhe: Bronx; Tasche: no name; Sonnenbrille: H+M


  1. LOVE your dress!!!! happy weekend darling, xoxo

  2. It is a very pretty dress =)
    I love Paris and its flea markets!


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