Some things that might put a smile upon my face (and on yours)

1)She is prettier than some human models, "akshully"! (from )

2)Just smell them! I love strawberries!


erm... okay, now that I've seen the video, I have to say, it might also make you laugh, because it's so eighties and so low budget, but what I actually meant was that it is a beautiful song. Btw, does anybody know how to embed a song but not the video? And where I would get the song from if not youtube?


4) I just found something else I need to mention on this site: Aren't these amazing?

Uhmm.. coming to think of it, maybe they look a little cheap? But I like the concept of partially transparent shoes.


  1. I'm quite smitten by the sheer mesh boots. Perfect for summer!

  2. yess i'm a girl and my name is harvey!
    this is a dead man!
    thanks a lot sweetie


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