Summer in the City

Da hab ich doch tatsächlich mal mein Stativ ins Auto gepackt, und draussen Fotos gemacht!
For once I put my tripod in the car and took photos outside!

Hose: New Yorker; Shirt: Kookai; Gürtel und Kette als Armband: haben mal Mama gehört; Tasche: Longchamp; Sonnenbrille: H+M; Schuhe: H+M (ganz neu); Schuhe im Fenster: etwas teurer als H+M...


  1. I'm jealous of the sunshine I see in those pictures :D
    I live in BW and in this part of Germany we haven't seen the sun for a while :'(
    Do I have the wrong impression or Deutschland doesn't really have a summer? lol

  2. Probably not by Brasilian standards. The summer here is very unstable, we might get 30°C, but we might also get less than 15°C and rain.
    How come you have already 3 followers but no posts?

  3. I guess it's because I'm always reading here at the blogosphere and commenting on these lovely ladies blogs, so they decided to reciprocate even though I don't really have an active blog :D
    I'm getting the courage to start posting :) Between studying German every day, spending time with the hubby, taking care of the house and keeping two messy puppies clean, I get lazy :D
    I hope to start blogging soon, though!
    I know, I'd be expecting too much if I hoped the climate here were as warm as Brazil, I think the place is wonderful, really beautiful and I usually love rain, but I'd like to get a break and have some sunshine, specially cause 95% of my closet is summer-style, hehehe


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