Give me a bag, please, thanks! ;)

LINK WURDE GELÖSCHT DA GEWINNSPIEL NICHT MEHR AKTUELL Mit dem netten Bildchen, das ihr hier seht nehme ich an einem Gewinnspiel Teil. Klickt auf das Bild um mehr zu erfahren. War gar nicht so einfach, mich für ein Label zu entscheiden. Letztendlich hab ich eins genommen, das mich auf begeistert hat und das noch entfernt erschwinglich ist.
LINK DELETED Via posting this picture I take part in a giveaway contest. Click on the picture to get to their page (I'm not sure if it's international.) I didn't find it easy to decide on one label and settled for one that isn't astronomically expensive and that I loved on Oh, and the trend would be "pattern-mix". And thanks to my new follower for, well, following me! You don't have a blog so I thank you this way.


  1. I'd love to take part in the giveaway, but I'm afraid my German is not that good even though I've been living in Germany and studying it since March :D
    I want to start blogging but the ugly truth is that I'm super lazy to do so :D
    Can you recommend other bloggs in German or bilingual so that I can practice more? Thank you :) Have a great week.

  2. Hi jungleworldcitizen,if you like to take part in the Hotpicks contest, you can do so. We are also willing to send the bag to brasil, although it might take a bit longer ;)

  3. Wow, there's a real conversation going on im my comments!

    One blog I like to read is "Chic+Schlau", which is also available in English since a few days. I can't think of any more bilingual blogs at the moment, but some good blogs in German are "Streetrunway", "Bees and balloons", "truly, madly, deeply"
    There are links to all of these in my blogroll or my profile.

  4. Danke! I'll check these blogs out ;)

  5. Schön, dass Du mitmachst. Das freut uns sehr :)
    Und super, dass Du auch gleich in Deinem Blog darüber berichtet hast. Um Dir Deine Jute Tasche zu schicken, bräuchten wir noch Deine Anschrift. Vielleicht kannst Du uns die noch per Email an schicken.
    Außerdem drücken wir Dir natürlich die Daumen für die Marc Jacobs Tasche :)
    Dein STYLIGHT Team


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