Masters at Work (Part 1)

Masters of styling that is. Here come my favourite pictures from street-style blogs that were taken "off the runway" during the fashion weeks.

Perfection (casual version):Perfection (high fashion version): I need cat-eye sunglasses!:

Mary Scherpe of "Stil in Berlin". How come this woman can look so amazing herself when she almost never photographes outfits I like ( much)?:
No, I'm not a Twilight-fan, I'm merely a fan of this cool outfit.:

She get's an extra-point for accessibility.:

Don't we all want to be like them? ( Garance Dore, Anna dello Russo, ADR's assistants):

pictures from: face hunter, the sartorialist, stockholmstreetstyle, stylesightings


  1. danke und kann das selbe auch von deinem blog behaupten. verfolge es nun auch

  2. Anonymous30/3/10 16:10

    this is a great collection of photos! i especially love the 1st casual look, and scherpe's black coat- that thing is amazing! ~joelle

  3. Das ist nicht Mary Scherpe sondern Jessica Weiss von Les Mads.


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