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This post is about something that is, admittedly, not a very current topic, but it is/was a great TV show: The Golden Girls. I'm always watching the reruns. I think Dorothy is my favourite, she's the only sane person in the house (sometimes). It's even kinda interesting from a fashion point of view: As the show is from the late 80s/ early 90s some of the outfits the ladies are donning, today look more en vogue than the fashion from early SATC episodes. (Or maybe it's just me, maybe it's just their pastel-pink colored furniture which is so pleasant to my eyes before I go to bed that makes me think so.)

And to everyone whom it may concern: Happy Valentine's Day!
I found this rose blossom (is that the correct word?) yesterday at a place where they were just taking down a stand that sells flowers.

And thank you for the (comparatively) many comments on that last post and you three people for following me! (I was a bit scared by so much attention to be honest. - But that doesn't mean you shouldn't comment or follow! )


  1. Wir haben Herbst- und Fruehjahrsemester statt Winter- und Sommersemester wie ihr.
    Wir fangen zwar frueher an, sind aber Anfang Juni mit den Pruefungen fertig, waehrend ihr bis zum Juli noch pauken muesst. Dafuer fangt ihr erst im Oktober an und habt mehr Zeit an Weihnachten, waehrend wir bei Plaetzchen & Co. lernen :-).
    Komisch finde ich es nicht, ich find's gut, da haben wir mehr vom Sommer :-)!


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