"Made of win" as American teenagers would say

Swedish blogger Caroline Blomst is hosting a competition at http://caroline.feber.se/art/173698/14_items__14_looks___you_can_w/. She styled 14 different looks, using alltogether 14 items. You can win one complete look! Just pick your favourite and post it on your blog, together with a link and an explanation why you want to win this look. And post a link to your blog in her comments.

As you can see, I am in the midst of doing all this. So this would be my favourite look:

Why I want to win this:

Dear Caroline, this outfit is propably the most stupid pick possible, because it includes only 3 of the 14 items. But it is honestly my favourite look and these are the 3 items I really want to win, the ones which would suit me and the rest of my wardrobe best. Also I have never won anything except for a set of 6 plastic kiwi-spoons. Have some compassion! ;)

EDIT: I'm getting the impression that I embarass myself whenever I try to be funny in English...


  1. Six plastic Kiwi-spoons! I am so jealous! :P



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