Converted... Zara-ism that is. I've often been to that shop and didn't find anything, mostly because everything seemed to be made for a different body type than mine and also because I found some items surprisingly expensive (compared to H+M for instance). But now (in the winter sale) I finally bought the coat that has already been shown too often and this cute little cardigan.

I'm starting to get sick of these boots, but they're just so snow-appropriate.
Coat, cardigan: Zara; skirt: Vero Moda; boots: Maripe; tights: Tschibo; T-shirt, gloves: H+M


  1. Wieso? Du meinst, weil ich meine Heimatstadt als Lieblingsstadt angegeben habe?

  2. Achso! Ja, klar. Aber ich finde es so extrem belastend in Berlin. Ich wohne auch in einer Gegend, wo es ganz besonders schlimm ist. Naja...

  3. Very chic! I love your coat.

  4. It's funny- I felt the EXACT same way about Zara for a long time. I too went in time after time finding nothing. But then I would see so many great Zara items on other bloggers/ I kept returning. Finally I discovered that I'm rather in love with their shoes. But H&M still wins in that category. I love that cardigan on you. So sweet.
    I wish I spoke German well enough to write to you in it. It's my favorite language. However, I don't (yet)!

  5. awesome cardigan. so chanel-ish!


  6. Great purchases! I love the cardigan ;)


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