Sherlock Holmes (and my new coat)

I've just come back from watching "Sherlock Holmes". Go, watch it if you haven't seen it, it's definately worth it! (it came out here only last Thursday) I especially loved the way Holmes and Watson treat each other, the 19th century London (great set design), not to mention Robert Downey Jr.'s great acting and, uhm, hotness... Of course there's a lot of action, too.

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Okay, mabe this wasn't the most professional and sophisticated review...

This is what I was wearing: (Yes, for once I post an outfit on the day I've worn it) Sorry about the greyish pictures, this is what happens if you shoot without daylight.The coat is a new purchase from Zara (it's purple, in case you can't see), I've been wondering if I should keep it, but now that I've worn it, I guess I have to. It's always like that with me: When I buy something, I usually ask the shop assistant if they take it back, but never actually give something back. I'm indecisive, and I guess I have to get used to everything new I own first. (Does anybody else know this phenomenon?)On the above picture I tried to do the taking-of-gloves-in-a-ladylike-and-sexy-way-thing, but it didn't work because the self-timer took so long.


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