Hmm... What should I do about the Fashion Weeks?

So, from Jan. 20th to 23rd it was Berlin Fashion Week, and from what I've seen on the Internet quite a lot of bloggers seem to have been there. From this some questions have arisen:
Are there any events sourrounding a fashion week that you can go to without an invitation? Who does get invited to the shows? Not that I was totally crazy for going to a fashion week, I'm just asking out of interest. Maybe someone can enlighten me.
The other thing is: Maybe I should leave it entirely to the more professional bloggers who are actually there to cover the fashion weeks (I also mean the more important ones that are coming up), but on the other hand it can't hurt to show you my favourite looks, can it? So here goes, the pictures are from: :

Scherer Gonzalez: These pictures made me dream of autumn, which is quite an achievement in January:Lala Berlin: What's not to love about the first look?:

strenesse blue: Loving the hair, the eyebrows and the magenta sweater. (Mental note: it wouldn't be a waste of money to buy a leather dress right now, as they are apparently not going to be "out" any time soon)
H. Xan Koka: beautiful textures in this look: ------------------------------- Mongrels in Common:

c.neeon: hats, respectively nerd-glasses add the j'-ne-sais-qui:
Marcel Ostertag: Vampiric coat!


  1. I love these photos, so inspirational! I am especially loving that first Marcel Ostertag dress...


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