Skirt: Vero Moda; Sweater: was a gift (my Mum bought it at Aldi and expected I'd never wear it); Boots: Maripe; Coat: S.Oliver; Scarf, black shirt: H+M; Tights: no idea, bought at Karstadt; Bag: some cheap-o store, but it is real leather; Ring: Karstadt (*is single-handedly saving Karstadt from bancruptcy*); Watch: Esprit

Fruitless Musings:
I've been wondering whether my outfits are really blog-worthy. I mean, I feel comfortable and relatively well-dressed in anything I post here and I really am interested in fashion, but this interest seems to show less in my outfits then I thought it did -and definitely less than in many bloggers outfits. Hmm... Despite the fact that I did hardly miss an issue of "Elle" within the last ten years, it's only through blogs that I am learning how much is actually possible - fashion-wise - in everyday life. (And with a low budget! It's not like I could afford a lot of what "Elle" shows...)
Now, I didn't post this in order to "fish for compliments", I was just wondering.

From now on I am going to include the brands of my clothes like the other bloggers do. Will also try to put them in in my older posts.

Important Question:
I need some help with Blogger. (I posted this in the help forum, but didn't get an answer.) When I try to follow another blog via Friend Connect my e-mail adress, which is my login name, shows up as my name, but I want my blog-name (T.) to show up instead. Does anyone know how I can change this?

(Haha, this is so me: I put fruitless musings above everything else.)