Hermes (the Grecian god, not the fashion label)

I am going to torture you with another I-don't-care-if-I-look-like-the-Michelin-man-as-long-as-my-clothes-keep-me-warm-outfit, because I wanted to show you my ingenious idea how else to use the feather clips.

Cardigan(it's a beautiful dark purple, the pics don't do it justice), scarf, feather clips: H+M; Jeans, coat: S.Oliver; Boots: Klingel; Bag: Longchamp

On another note: I loved Tavi's (first names, eh?) post of today. She talks about her feelings about fashion and what inspires her. Here. The comments she got are also worth reading. Bloggers rock!
Here are my thoughts on what inspires me, which I just posted in the comments of Tavi's blog:
I try to incorporate the trends I love in my every-day outfits, while always trying to stick to a certain idea of what I think is my personality. Music, movies (hello Audrey), magazines, and the typical styles of certain fashion labels helped me shape an idea of what styles that personality looks best and feels most comfortable in. Sometimes, when I feel un-confident and depressed and don't feel like I am that personality, when I feel nothing and am not in any kind of mood I find it almost impossible to put together an outfit. - This prooves, how important it is for me to wear something that is in tune with how I feel inside. Now, my looks aren't too crazy: I am rather reticent and so is my style. (but I can appreciate the crazier looks of others).