Furry little problem

Fur vests are my current obsession. Here are some especially pretty examples:

from: MissMaterialist

from: Stockholm Streetstyle

I knew there was this old fur coat in my grandma's closet. (I thought it was real fur, but it turned out to be faux fur, which makes it's shiny-ness all the more amazing and makes me less scrupled to consider wearing it) I would love to somehow make a vest out of it, but I'm afraid that surpasses my sewing skills by far! (And I think buying a new fake fur vest at Zara might be cheaper than having someone else alter the coat.) It has an interesting history actually (okay, maybe not that interesting): It must be from the 1950ies or older. Not my grandmother, but her mother wore it and it had been send to her by some uncle from America.