Blue nails and well lit changing rooms

(I don't like the post title, either. Couldn't think of a better one.)

I found this sweater in the depths of my mother's closet. It's a little too short to be worn with leggings/treggings but I tried.

Sweater: vintage; treggings (they have a zipper and a button, so they're not leggings, right?): Madonna; shoes: Andrea Puccini; coat: Aygills (Peek+Cloppenburg); scarf: H+M; bag: Longchamp; leopard print tote bag: H+M

I went for a little shopping that day (bought nothing) and halfway throught trying on things at Zara I had the idea to take pictures. I'm still thinking of buying this sequined shirt. It's probably sold out by now though.I was looking for something to wear with jeans or a skirt, the shorter sweaters don't look too good with the leggings.Knitted cotton dress with awesome leather shoulder pads at COS. Me love magenta!

Cute and interesting (but I need my hands)!


  1. You look fantastic! I think the little black dress is my favorite ;o)


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