Style Elite?

First of all: I promise to post more outfit pictures in the future, but at the moment I can't take any more pictures because I currently am sharing a camera with my father, I only visit my parents like every three weeks, and he has the camera at the moment.

I was at a museum today. (Yes Mum, I finally managed to do something other than stay at home on a Sunday.) I liked how they had grouped together the paintings from different centuries not chronologically but under themes. -But that's not what I wanted to post about. In the museum's shop I came across Scott "The Sartorialist" Schumann's book. I flipped through it and found besides all the inspiring pictures, an explanation as to why he didn't put the names and occupations of the people under the pictures: Because -I'm paraphrasing here- style was not dependant on how rich someone is or weather they have to do with fashion professionally. While I agree with this opinion wholeheartedly, I can't help suspecting that in fact most of the people he photographs work in the fashion industry or have some kind of creative job. Also, if you look at other blogs like Stil in Berlin, who do post the names and occupations, you will find that most of the people depicted are models, photographers, stylists and so on. Now, I've been wondering: Are streetstyle bloggers prejudiced or do they just happen to always shoot creative, fashion scene people? Do people who have jobs that are considered boring automatically adjust their style to their job (even though they might be interested in fashion), so that they don't live up to the bloggers idea of style? On the other hand, does someone who has to do with fashion professionally automatically become more daring in their fashion choices?


  1. This asks interesting questions. As an avid reader of The Sartorialist, I had always loved the unusual characters he seems to find.

    Deffinatly makes it less exciting when you consider the majority of these people probably are involved in the fashion industry.

    I wonder if the question has ever been asked to him directly?

  2. Thanks for the comment!
    I don't know if he has been asked about this, but I remember that people were complaining in the comment section of The Sartorialist, when during the fashion weeks, he mostly showed pictures of Anna dello Russo and other fashion VIPs. (But don't get me wrong, I have nothing against The Sartorialist - I love his site. I was just wondering.)

  3. Indeed, I still love it all the same! Good blog :)


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