Pages I recently found and liked:

1) The blogger of souvenirs finds all kinds of beautiful, inspiring pictures.

2) So, possibly everybody except for me has seen this - funny, cute, non fashion related - site already.

3) Subjects, the blogger of Greta guide (might her name be Greta?) writes about, include fashion, eco-fashion and, what I would call every-day philosophy. Yesterday's post gives the advice that we should try and do things we are afraid of. As this is a lot more easily said than done, let me give you the aditional advice as if the world had been waiting for me to give them advice! that, if you fail, if you do not manage to talk to that stranger, or whatever it is: Do not take it too seriously. Do not feel guilty, because that would deprive you of the energy you need to try to conquer the fear in question again. Do not take it too lightly either. Do not just accept that you just can't do that thing you really want to do. There may come the time when (because of all of the not-doing, and narrowing down of your own scope of action) you will have stopped to want anything, and then what? I know about the latter strategy (and a bit of the first one, too), because I used it a lot as a teenager. And while the mixture of sarcasm and self-sorryness, that it was accompanied by, felt pleasant at the time, I now suspect that, if I had conquered my fears (mostly shyness) some more at that time, I would have grown as a person, I would know better what I want to do with my life.

Okay, I admit it, I only mentioned that last link, because I wanted to put in my two cents on the subject. But it's not a bad site, either.
I hope what I wrote today is compehensible or maybe I don't and my English doesn't sound too strange.

Good night!



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