Posting in English / Collage

When I first discovered this whole Blogosphere-thing I found it a bit ridiculous that people were posting in (only!) English whose native tongue clearly wasn't English, but now I see their point: You want readers for your blog and you can reach more readers in English. And for that reason and because I love an opportunity to use my English I'm now going to post in English. I might switch back to German sometime or post in both languages -but I think I'm too lazy to do the latter.
The title of this blog "Nase für Stil" means "A good nose for style", but I might change it to "out of the closet". What do you think?

Now on to today's pretty picture: One of my favourite trends at the moment is the combination of pink/ powdery-pastelly hues with black:

Pictures from:, stockholmstreetstyle, cashemire&soie, missattlaplaya, theowlsarenotwhattheyseem and one or two blogs I just can't find again. Please tell me if it was your blog so I can edit it in.