Outfit Post # 1: The black pants

Years ago I bought a pair of black pants at H+M, but I've never worn them much because they didn't really fit. They were tight in the waist, kinda baggy at the backside, with slightly flared legs. But now, that those harem pants/ carrot shaped pants/ whatever they're called are seen throughout magazines and blogs, I had the idea to try and change my pants into that modern shape. I sewed them increasingly tighter from the knee downwards (I hope you get what I mean, despite my lack of English vocabulary for the field of sewing!). Then I turned the hems up on the inside and fixed them there, I cut off the spare fabric. Also I made the waist wider.
Note: I can't really sew.

Vor Jahren habe ich mir bei H+M eine schwarze Hose gekauft, sie aber kaum getragen, weil sie nie richtig gepasst hat. Sie war eng in der Taillie, hinten rum zu weit und unten ausgestellt. Aber jetzt, wo man in allen möglichen Zeitschriften und Blogs diese Haremshose/ Karrottenhosen/ wie auch immer die heißen besichtigen kann, kam mir die Idee, meine Hose zu ändern und in diese moderne Form zu bringen, und zwar habe ich sie vom Knie abwärts nach unten zunehmend enger genäht, dann nach innen umgeschlagen und die Umschläge festgenäht. Außerdem habe ich die Taille weiter gemacht.
Info: Eigentlich kann ich gar nicht nähen.

This is what I had in mind:

Both pictures from style.com.

And this is the outcome:

My socks match the shirt!:

And this is what it looks like when a person who does not look like a model tries to look cool:
I'm still not sure about the pants so I would really appreciate if someone left a comment and told me what they think.