Lovely Ladies' Lovely Looks

Es ist mal wieder Zeit für eine Runde einiger meiner liebsten Outfits, diesmal nur von persönlichen Blogs. Die Links stehen immer darunter.

It's time for another round of some of my favourite outfits, only from personal blogs this time. Links are under the pictures.




Style by Santina



  1. wow - danke für den hinweis zu einigen coolen neuen blogs :)

  2. Thank you so much. I am incredibly flattered! Your support means so much to me.

    And thanks for introducing me to some new blogs! I am so in love with Lucy's khakis in the first pic, and Jemina's style is so amazingly unique.


  3. OMG!!! Thank you so so much, I am so humbled and honoured, you truly made my weekend my dear, wishing you love and happiness, always, J, XOXO


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