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Pink Parisienne

I took these pictures weeks ago and somehow never got around to posting them.

I bought this blazer in a designer stock shop (or whatever it is called) in Paris. I had done some online research and compiled a whole list of interesting or affordable shops and also flea markets before I went, but of course I only managed to go to one of them (two including "Colette", where staring at everything seemed to be the better option than buying anything). Now, this shop was called "mouton a cinq pattes" which means "the sheep with five legs". It was stuffed with clothes racks which in turn were over-stuffed with clothes, among them things from Prada, Narciso Rodriguez, See by Chloe, Alberta Feretti, Dolce+ Gabbana and lesser known labels. The shop assistant was very nice. First she talked to me in English, but when she saw the German writing on my cash card it turned out that she had been in Germany for an exchage or something and found it much easier to speak German. (Unfortunately I don't speak French.) Besides this Pollini blazer I bougt a somewhat avangadistic-looking light black jacket and a cute red-patterned dress, both of which you are going to see in due course, when the weather gets warmer. When I had left the shop I wanted to have a look at "Chercheminippes", too, which is a deparment store specializing in designer clothes from previous seasons (and therefore cheaper) and which was situated within a short distance. I walked there, but luckily they were closed during the whole of August (most Parisians are on holiday in August). -I say "luckily", because I wouldn't have had any time or money left anyway.

The huuuuuge blue scarf must be about 29 years old, because my mother knitted it when she was pregnant (me being the baby).

Blazer: vintage Pollini; Jeans: s.Oliver; Coat: Peek+Cloppenburg; Shoes: Zanon+Zago (Karstadt); Bag: Friis+ Company; gray scarf: no idea because it's very old


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