Oh, wow, I might have gone a little too personal in my last post. It was rather late when I wrote that.

The following pictures were taken on a day (two weeks ago or something) when I had my hair done.

I should wear my hair loose more often, but whenever I do so, it annoys me so much that I usually loose my nerve and pull it up in a ponytail after an hour or so.



Pages I recently found and liked:

1) The blogger of souvenirs finds all kinds of beautiful, inspiring pictures.

2) So, possibly everybody except for me has seen this - funny, cute, non fashion related - site already.

3) Subjects, the blogger of Greta guide (might her name be Greta?) writes about, include fashion, eco-fashion and, what I would call every-day philosophy. Yesterday's post gives the advice that we should try and do things we are afraid of. As this is a lot more easily said than done, let me give you the aditional advice as if the world had been waiting for me to give them advice! that, if you fail, if you do not manage to talk to that stranger, or whatever it is: Do not take it too seriously. Do not feel guilty, because that would deprive you of the energy you need to try to conquer the fear in question again. Do not take it too lightly either. Do not just accept that you just can't do that thing you really want to do. There may come the time when (because of all of the not-doing, and narrowing down of your own scope of action) you will have stopped to want anything, and then what? I know about the latter strategy (and a bit of the first one, too), because I used it a lot as a teenager. And while the mixture of sarcasm and self-sorryness, that it was accompanied by, felt pleasant at the time, I now suspect that, if I had conquered my fears (mostly shyness) some more at that time, I would have grown as a person, I would know better what I want to do with my life.

Okay, I admit it, I only mentioned that last link, because I wanted to put in my two cents on the subject. But it's not a bad site, either.
I hope what I wrote today is compehensible or maybe I don't and my English doesn't sound too strange.

Good night!


Pearly black with white teeth...

...and open shoes. Last week I took pictures of outfits I have worn or am planning to wear so I have a little stock now and a lack of camera won't hurt (much). This explains A) why I am showing you a picture today that I wore weeks ago and in which I now would be afraid of catching a cold or the swine flu; and B) why the mirror is still dusty in these pics and is going to stay that way in future posts.


More Summer 2010 runway pictures

All New Yorkers this time.


Marc Jacobs:

Alexander Wang:

(Source: Style.com)


A trusted outfit from last winter...

...that I still love to wear: (In case you wonder what's the white on my eye in the first pic, that's a stain on the mirror. I should clean that mirror sometime.)


Take a walk in my shoes

Loved this picture on The Sartorialist. He captures not only fashion, but also situations and character.


Nothing special

Just a new scarf over an old coat and make-up, hair and facial expression inspired by...

...the lovely blogging lady of leeselooks

I adore not only her style, but also how expressive she is in her photoes.


Name change

I just changed the name of this blog to "Fashion translated*". Now that I write in English, I found it more appropriate to have an English name. I put in a header, too. But I am going to try and make one that -erm- sucks less.


Speaking of Lady Gaga and shoes

After they had seen Alexander McQueen's futuristic SS 10 show, especially these......shoes, non-fashion people (i.e. the media) were shaking their heads at so much unwearability while fashion people (i.e. bloggers) were raving about them -but probably not planning on wearing them.
Well, trust Lady Gaga to try it! In the video for her new song "Bad Romance" she is wearing several of McQueen's creations, among them those shoes. -And she actually walks in them.


Two random facts

1) This blog is one month old today.

2) If Lady Gaga ever wore flats, this is what it would look like:
(These are mine. My shoes, my feet, etc.)


SS 10 part 2

What else could I do in this blog? Post more fashion from style.com!
Giles Deacon:
To be continued (probably)...


A wall...

...but not the wall that fell today, 20 years ago.

I walk past this one a lot and thought the accidentally graffitied ivy looked interesting and kinda pretty.



... another Outfit Post:

I don't find it necessary to mention where my clothes are from, as I often wear things that are a year or several years old. Most of the time they are from H+M, Vero Moda, Esprit and the like.
Hmmm... But I do find it necessary to mention that that bag cost me only 3€ at Oxfam.



You might already know this, if you don't, go check it out, it's hilarious!: Fake Karl


Spring/ Summer 2010

(I know similar posts have appeared in other places, but I want to do one, too.)
I don't think I can think of any clever comments right now, but I'll try.

Yves Saint Laurent: Simple yet beautiful. Some variations on the theme white blouse. And check out the strawberry earrings!

Dries van Noten: A bit more tribal and also more decorated than last season -maybe that's because it's summer. Lovely details: shoes, patterns.

Givenchy: The black-and-white blazers are perfection. Leggins and the like are obviously not over. Also some tribal print here.

To be continued...
All pictures from style.com.


Style Elite?

First of all: I promise to post more outfit pictures in the future, but at the moment I can't take any more pictures because I currently am sharing a camera with my father, I only visit my parents like every three weeks, and he has the camera at the moment.

I was at a museum today. (Yes Mum, I finally managed to do something other than stay at home on a Sunday.) I liked how they had grouped together the paintings from different centuries not chronologically but under themes. -But that's not what I wanted to post about. In the museum's shop I came across Scott "The Sartorialist" Schumann's book. I flipped through it and found besides all the inspiring pictures, an explanation as to why he didn't put the names and occupations of the people under the pictures: Because -I'm paraphrasing here- style was not dependant on how rich someone is or weather they have to do with fashion professionally. While I agree with this opinion wholeheartedly, I can't help suspecting that in fact most of the people he photographs work in the fashion industry or have some kind of creative job. Also, if you look at other blogs like Stil in Berlin, who do post the names and occupations, you will find that most of the people depicted are models, photographers, stylists and so on. Now, I've been wondering: Are streetstyle bloggers prejudiced or do they just happen to always shoot creative, fashion scene people? Do people who have jobs that are considered boring automatically adjust their style to their job (even though they might be interested in fashion), so that they don't live up to the bloggers idea of style? On the other hand, does someone who has to do with fashion professionally automatically become more daring in their fashion choices?